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We have been teaching Italian responsibly and professionally for more than 20 years.

We are native teachers of Italian and Spanish willing to accept the new challenges and demands for change required by today’s world, to be at the forefront of the teaching of Italian and Spanish languages.

Speak Italian from the very first online class!

You can take our courses online to successfully pass the International Exams!

  • We help you train for the CILS, PLIDA, CELI International Exams to certify your Italian language level.With the exam simulator, you may measure in real time your language competencies, it will be your great ally in this process!
  • If you desire to obtain the Italian citizenship by marriage or civil partnership with an Italian spouse, take our courses to pass the B1 exam.
  • Private classes, you may choose the schedule.We also offer classes in small groups.

About Us

In 1999, an enthusiastic group of young people of Italian origin founded an Italian language school for Argentines and Italian descendants: that’s how Associazione Culturale Italiana “Corrado Alvaro” was created in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

From its beginnings, the main foundational points which guided the project were not only the passion for teaching Italian, but they also focused on the dissemination of the Italian culture in its vast and multiple art expressions.

Certification of Italian as a Foreign LanguageTo ensure our responsibility, professionalism and capacity in teaching Italian, Associazione “Corrado Alvaro” is one of the centers recognized in the world by the prestigious “Università per Stranieri di Siena” (UNISTRASI) as International Examination Certifying Center (CILS). That is why the institution is an unavoidable referent as regards the teaching of the language, as well as a source of transmission of the cultural heritage.

In relation to the foregoing, the Association Head has founded the itinerant exhibition “Huellas de la Identidad” (Identity Footprints).

This initiative collects through different objects aspects of the history of Italian immigrants’ identity: not only as tribute, but also as a means of transmission of this invaluable heritage from generation to generation.

Monumenti in Italia

Each man is what he does.

*Corrado Alvaro was born in San Luca, Calabria, on April 15, 1895. He died on June 11, 1956 in Rome. He stood out as a writer, journalist, playwright, and poet, and the name of our Italian Language and Culture School was inspired by him. In 1951, he was awarded “Premio Strega” prize for "Quasi una vita".


Italian courses, speaking, seminars for all levels (children, adolescents and adults).

In our online school, we comply with the ability levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which is a standardized internationally recognized system to evaluate the abilities in the language.

The Council of Europe established the CEFR between 1989 and 1996. As of 2001, the Council of Europe suggested using these certification systems to measure the competencies in foreign languages.

CEFR levels are 6: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. In each level, the language-communication competencies and the four basic abilities are evaluated: READING, LISTENING, SPEAKING AND WRITING.

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Courses and levels
Consulate general of Italy Buenos Aires

Upon completion of each course, an attendance certificate will be awarded, issued by the General Consulate of Italy in Buenos Aires.

We have personalized courses for each student!

In case you need information about fees and other information, contact us through WhatsApp, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

Indicating the following geographical areas: 1) Argentina, 2) America, 3) Europe, 4) Rest of the world.

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Italian Cultural Meetings

These meetings have the purpose of sharing past and present Italian cultural moments.

Each Monday, at 7 p.m., we have an appointment with our students, who participate actively for two hours with great excitement.

These are seminars full of curiosities and jewels which make the difference upon preparing for a trip: we offer possible tours beyond imagination that participants will not find in traditional tour guides.

More than 70 meetings have been held, in which more than 300 students have participated.

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